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Astounding! I never heard of this individual--how can this be, considering how obsessed I've become? I have Exulansic here, visiting for a weekend, and we plan to make a 7 minute blurb for my youtube channel, titled The Fallacies of Cross-Dressing. Confused, unstable and psychiatrically ill individuals with "gender dysphoria" must be told honestly that cross-dressing is wasteful, excessive expense and be schooled on the facts of water and air pollution in the countries doing most textile production (India and China). They need to get a grip on the fact that it's trained narcissism and cross-dressing is the Olympics of mirror-gazing. Unreasonable demands sally out in public then, where random individuals all over must affirm that you "are the sex that you're wardrobing into." It is not liberation, but quite the opposite, it is confinement in sexual stereotypes straight out of Mad Men.

Ute Heggen YouTube channel, for the Exulansic and Ute dialogue, to go up later on Dec. 17.

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