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There is so much here, StillTish! Brava! I always have to note the erasure of the wives. (like myself, ex-wife of a man who currently identifies himself, at the age of 67, as the mother of our grown sons)

Ray Blanchard and his ilk operated on the premise that any male who wants to identify out of his sex must be a special and sensitive person, as this is to "join" an oppressed class. I only went to one appointment with my then husband's indoctrinating groomer, listened to her speech about "alternative sex play" so that I could tell her, "No, not for me." I could not endure more of that, but now wish I had, and with a hidden tape recorder.

Meanwhile, the business with children is all hooey. I taught several children who desisted after a few weeks of being ignored in their requests to use the wrong bathroom. Below, link to Dr. Stephen B. Levine's testimony on his decision to speak out against "transition" after writing decades of letters to surgeons for his cross-sex ideating patients. The one who detransitioned after 30 years apparently woke him up. Thanks for all you do. Ute Heggen


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