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Stephen Whittle

WoMen’s Equality Party

Trade unions and Transgender Ideology

Trans Britain: Book by Chris Burns

Gender Recognition Certificates

Out of the Shadows. Mermaids.

C. Burns: Trans Britain

Chat with Graham Linehan

Mermaids: Leeds.

Nancy: The girl nobody wanted!

Martine Rothblatt: Apartheid of Sex

Things I say, and things I can’t say: to my son

Extraordinary, Ordinary Lives

Janice Raymond: Transsexual Empire.

Marci Bowers: “Transgender” Surgeon.

BBC Coverage of Pride Protest

My latest piece on Graham Linehan.

Pets with benefits: We need to talk: Zoophilia

Drag Queen Story Hour

Tavistock :Closure


Stonewall champion loses Tribunal

Domenico Di Ceglie: Late of the Tavistock


Locked out of my life.


Trans Activists working at the heart of govt and our institutions.

My Dad

Response to Lost Boys.

Different Belief Systems

Transgender Youth Groups

Respect my sex to get my X

Who is advising the NHS?

The policy capture in the NHS.

Sex by deception

Parents of “trans kids”

Parents of “transgender” kids.

Parents of “transgender” children.

Ruth Hunt & OFSTED

Evading experiences of psychological distress.

Mining profits from healthy bodies!

Multiple Sclerosis & Cross Sex Hormones

Treatments for Gender Dysphoria.

Lord Patel: Who gets to decide?

Why are Gender Critical Feminists called racist?

Brighton: School Guidance.

Limerick Prison

Barbie Kardashian.

Detransitioned Females

Bad advice on rainbow reddit.

Women are better off as Prisoners of War!

British Psychological Society

Trans Murder Statistics

Detransitioned Males

National Society for the Protection of Children

Transcription of WTF Porn.

Queering the NSPCC? Part One.

Marketing The Transgender Child 1

BPS. 2021: Quick update.

Marketing the Transgender Child 3

Marketing the Transgender Child.2

Marketing the Transgender Child 1


Ethical considerations: ”Trans kids”